The story is not only about the struggle for change but also a struggle for personal acceptance. That we should not only point out what is so different about the next person but to celebrate out differences. That life throws challenges our way and with guidance and not with jugdement from our piers we will be able to make informed decisions.
WestEndMall, 2039: Vivien - an old woman - is following the fashion parade of the late 90 ies. While the costumes of the street culture pass by she is looking at the background wall, painted with very old graffiti, the remains of a life long ago. She is fading back in time.

Same place, 1999: The Kids have a place to go, the WestEndHouse, an old industrial building, vanished. The house is their place to meet and live their own lifes; to sing, dance, skate, hang around, discuss, to fight and to love. They have their controverses, dreams of a future and daily problems.
The group is divided by two different attitudes: trying to get fame or stay yourself? Between the two leaders - Spin and Wizz - Vivien is not quite shure what to do. All the other kids try to find their own position in the struggle.

In moments of external danger they stay together, protecting Serap - a young woman from Turkey -  from her father and brother, defending Yola - a former drug adict - against Wollo, the drug dealer. They have a party, disturbed by a TV-Team searching for the "ghetto-feeling" and a Christmas jam with several coming outs. The microcosmos is threatened by the construction companies coming nearer and nearer.

Whatever happens is commentated by NTBS("never to be seen") - the unknown graffiti writer and by a dj - who contributes to the play with his magic music.
Finally, the house is blown away by an accident. The necessary decision whether to stay or to go is done. But the feeling of being amoung friends still lives on in their minds and souls.

WestEndMall, 2039: Vivien - back in the Mall -  sings her final song of the West EndHouse, Yola her friend who died, the kids and a wonderful life.The back ground is again the wall, painted with graffiti telling the story of the last two weeks of the house.

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