Press Clippings

young and handmade- the westendopera
"... the RAPsodie of the millenium...."
Felicia Engelmann, Abendzeitung München, 16 November 1997

hit the nerve
" ... Respect for this achievement! 20 minutes of standing ovations after the premiere. The audiance cried out of enthusiasm. ...  Everybody, who is willing to listen to what young people have to say, to understand their longings, left the venue with a tapping heart. "Authentic" is a word that mostly lies, here it says the truth. ...."
Jochen Temsch, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, München, 18.June 1999

kids from the street
"... They worked on a real opera, with arias and duets, choir and ballet - in the HipHop- sound of their generation. ...."
Der Spiegel, Germany,  21.June 1999

WestEndOpera- the drama that tells about the present
"... The metropolitan rhythm of Munich cames to Calabria...."
Claudio Dionesalve, Il Domani Mercoledi, , Italy, 7 July 1999

the desire to experience the street-live on stage
" .... a heighspeed performance, ... grooving rhytm, .... a musical near to Broadway than to Brooklyn. Respect! .... "
Stefan Hentz, Die Welt, Hamburg, 3.December 1999

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