Every generation contributes to the cultural developement of our society by means of expression. The now generation has its roots in the worldwide sub culture of Hip Hop.This view of HipHop as a sub culture has to be addressed as it is our view that young people practice this culture and it is a big group in our community. Young people between the age of 16 and 26 are activly participating in the culture of Hip Hop. Hip Hop as an art form demands various skills in the field of music, dance, drama and fine arts. Artistic skills might be used to create a musical: rap music, breakdance, hiphop dance streetdance, dj-ing, writing, graffiti, inline-skating a.s.f..
The young people live their own culture, a culture which is an expression of their feelings and whishes.

The idea to gather some of these kids together and create the first HipHop-Opera was born in the year 1996 after a very successful series of music courses in 40 youth centers around Munich.

Late in 1997 an audition took place to find 35 - 40 teenagers to inscribe in the project. January to August 1998 the first step was done: the teenagers partizipated in various courses to develop their artistical and musical skills. The leading idea was to supply them with trainings for the stage as well as to write the storyboard, to compose the music as well as doing the set design, the ligtning plot and all the stage craft relating to the stage maintenance  - helped and guided by the artistic directors of the "WestEnd Opera". In addition all work of public relations and documentation is done by the directors and the cast.

Since January 1999 the production was realized by the staff and the actors and lead to a marvellous premiere in summer 1999 followed by a tour to Italy, Berlin and Hamburg.

WestEndOpera is supported by some private enterprises and the City of Munich under the auspices of the major of Munich.

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